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Buying or selling RCI Points, Holiday Max help all the way.

Buy, Sell or Rent RCI Points at Holiday Max 

Buying RCI Points? - Choose our easy ready to use RCI Points offers with everything included for you, or pick your own weeks to combine with RCI points from a range of RCI Points for sale by owner.

We can help you choose either with our impartial help and advice tailored to your needs.

Selling RCI Points? - Offer your RCI Points direct to new and existing buyers right here on Holiday Max.

There are a multitude of ways Holiday Max can help you sell or withdraw from RCI Points.

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Buying RCI Points

Buying RCI Points

At Holiday Max we make buying RCI Points easy and give you a wide choice of ways of doing it.

You can buy one of our offers and everything will be handled for you, from putiing the ownership in your name, to creating a live RCI Points account that will run from your local RCI Office no matter where you live in the World.

Holiday Max RCI Points ownerships are genuine RCI Points and that means you get your own live online RCI points account which means you have full access to instant bookings and have all the rights and privelages of a full RCI Points member.
You won't have to contact your resort or Points company before any bookings.


Selling RCI Points

Selling RCI Points.

Holiday Max make selling your RCI Points ownership a whole lot easier.

You can get us to do all the selling preperation work for you and get you up and ready to sell through Holiday Max or you can choose to offer it for sale on your own on our website. The choice is yours.

We give you a wide choice of ways to sell RCI Points and if you elect to have us undertake your sales assistance, then we also offer the opportunity to have us include your RCI Points ownership in one of our ready made points ownerships for buyers.

Buyers like to have everything nice and easy and ready to use in one go and so that is where most sales are.


Choosing RCI Points

Renting RCI Points. Rent more RCI Points with one of our platinum memberships

We can help you choose which type of RCI Points are best for you and we sell all types of genuine RCI Points.

Whether you are looking for a points ownership for yourself, for a couple or family or even a business, there are many types and some are more suited than others depending on your expectations.

Find out more about our Holiday Max ownerships designed to compliment exactly how you want to use them.

We have a range of Pure points where there is no ownership and we have weeks you use automatically as points every year where you can make dramatic saving on your yearly Management Fees.


Points Help & Information

Half Dome

Just starting out looking for RCI Points? Adding more RCI Points to your existing RCI Points ownership, wanting to try out RCI Points or still looking? We can help all the way, just ask for help and we will 'point you' in the right direction.

Yes You Can....

Yosemite Valley

Yes you can, that's the Max philosophy! If you are looking to buy you can get the best deal for just the way you want it and if you are selling, then you have the perfect market place to offer your points for sale. Both buyers and sellers win and we are here to help at any stage.

Holiday Max On Demand

Holiday Max On Demand Family Ownership

Holiday Max On Demand. The perfect compliment to your RCI Points is a Holiday Max membership. Membership without purchase costs. No management fees yet you can access weeks year round, and have absolutely no financial woes.